About Us

My name is Jeremy Hill and I served in United States Marine Corps for five years as an Avionics Technician in VMA-223 or Fixed Wing Marine Attack Squadron 223. I had the pleasure of maintaining the AV-8B Harrier which afforded me many experiences with aircraft repair and maintenance. After the Marine Corps, I decided to attend Georgia Southern University and complete my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.  Due to a lifetime of fascination with aviation, I decided to continue to pursue my passion and began developing Southeast Avionics, located at the Statesboro Bulloch County Airport.

Southeast Avionics is in the process of becoming a certified avionics repair station that will enable me to handle Pitot Static Systems and Transponder Checks. As of right now, the capabilities of Southeast Avionics cover troubleshooting, installation or upgrades, and avionics repair. I began to develop my business plans for Southeast Avionics in July of 2017 while also taking classes as a sophomore at Georgia Southern. After 5 months of hard work, planning, and networking, Southeast Avionics is doing well in becoming quickly established. By January of 2018, I will be an official avionics repair station for Southeast Georgia and operating to my fullest capabilities. I am thankful for the opportunities Statesboro Bulloch County Airport have given me in pursuing my ambitions and to the Veterans Business Outreach Center for providing me vital information during the early stages of development. There’s plenty of work left to do, but I can’t wait to see Southeast Avionics take flight!